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Productivity Hacks to Help You Find More Time for Your Side Hustle

Having a side hustle is a great way to start building your business while you still have the security of a job – or, if you love your job and plan on sticking around, it is a great way to simply make a few extra bucks. The challenge with working a full time job, plus having a side hustle, and having a life though is how you manage your time. For your side hustle to be profitable, you’re going to have to put it the time.

Two facts about time

  1. Each of us gets 24 hours in a day – how we spend those hours is up to us.
  2. When we say that we don’t have time to do something, what we really mean is that something else is more important to us.

For the next 30 days, try taking the words, “I don’t have time” out of your vocabulary. Instead say something like, “I have another priority” or “I have chosen to do such and such an activity instead.” This subtle shift in language will help you gain ownership over your allotted 24 hours each day.

Each day we make choices about how to spend our time, whether it’s being with friends and family, working on our side hustle, checking Facebook or binge watching the latest hit on Netflix. None of these choices are necessarily bad, but whenever you make a choice to do one thing, you are prioritizing it over another.

So how can we stop time from simply slipping away from us and take more control? Here are three productivity hacks that will help you find more time for your side hustle.

Hack #1: Track your time

The first step to controlling where you time goes, is to know where it is going. By tracking your time, you will begin to see where you are spending disproportionate amounts of time on any given task. After all, how can you improve if you don’t know where you need improvement?

Tracking your time can be as easy as setting up an Excel spreadsheet but there are also lots of handy apps you can use such as Everhour or RescueTime. Doing this will make you more aware of how you are spending your time – therefore making you more productive, and it will also give you a record of your regular tasks.

Once you’ve got a pretty detailed outline of your daily tasks (this should take about two weeks), review them to see what you can eliminate, what you can do in a smarter, more efficient way and what you can delegate to someone else.

Hack #2: Write tomorrow’s to-do list today

Sit down each night and write down your priorities for the next day. This should not be a list containing every minute detail (because that would be a time waster!) but rather focus only on your top two or three priorities. Ask yourself, if I only got three things done tomorrow, what would I want those things to be?

Then, when you wake up the next morning you will know exactly where to focus your time and will be less likely to be distracted by other things that might pop up.

Hack #3: Do ONE productive task fist

Instead of checking Facebook; instead of opening your inbox do one productive task for your side hustle before you do anything else. More often than not, this should be one of your three items you wrote down the night before.

Doing so, will help you set the pace for the day and be more productive.

Remember, you have the same 24 hours as everyone else. Start using these hacks today to get the most out of them.

My Top Ten List of Websites for Freelancing Productivity and Inspiration

Over the past several years as I’ve built up my writing business I’ve found a number of helpful online resources and have served either to help grow my business, give me inspiration or both. The following is a list of the top ten websites that have proven useful to me in my freelance writing career:

Getting new clients:

Kijiji.ca – I once had a business coach ask me how I went about getting new clients to write for. He seemed a bit surprised, when I told him that by far the most useful website has been Kijiji. I use the site both to post my own ads and well as to respond to job postings of those who are looking for writers. Since I can write for anyone anywhere in the world, I don’t limit myself to searching within my own city, but rather conduct searches on whole provinces at a time. At the moment, I don’t have any clients based in London, but have quite a few in the GTA.

Elance.com/Upwork.com – When I first started offering my services as a freelancer, I found several clients through Elance.com which is now becoming Upwork.com. This is a great resource, especially for a new freelancer to find work. While I still have one regular client that I work with through this format, I now primarily use it to hire other freelancers.

Freelancewritingjobs.ca – A job board for writers on which I occasionally find new clients.


WordPress.com – While I find that I don’t greatly NEED a website for the work that I do, I really like having one and understand that owning www.kristenduever.com may prove useful someday as I build my freelancing empire! WordPress.com is a fairly easy to use, free website building tool on which I can advertise my services and write blogs which will hopefully prove useful to at least some of my readers. One day however, I may have to convert it over to a wordpress.org site or even have it more professionally designed.

Unsplash.com – This is a really cool site that I discovered recently. Its purpose to provide free high quality photos to pair with my blogs.

Linkedin.com – While I’ve never received any business directly as a result of Linkedin (yet!), I’ve frequently referred prospects to view my Linkedin Profile along with the several positive recommendations from past and current clients.


PayPal.com – Most of my clients, I have never met in person. I even have a few clients who I haven’t even spoken with over the telephone. PayPal is a convenient method both for sending invoices and receiving payments.


Sidehustlenation.com – I stumbled across this site within the last year or so while I was searching for resources about running a business while working full time. The site has many useful blog postings and tips but I especially love listening to the podcasts.

Liz Ryan on Forbes.com – while Ms. Ryan tends to write mainly about employment related issues and not self-employment related issues, I find her posts fun and engaging. On a deeper level, they are about enjoying your work – whether it is in the form of a job or your own business.

Sir Richard Branson on Linkedin.com – While I don’t always agree with his politics, I really admire Sir Richard’s approach to the business world – can we say “No Dress Code” and “Unlimited Vacation” anyone!? I always find his blogs and posts very inspirational.

Do you have your own side business (freelance or otherwise)?

I’d love to hear about some of the sites that you’ve found most useful!