photo of Kristen

Kristen has been writing for about as long as she can remember. As a child, she would frequently write stories just for fun, and during both upper elementary and high-school, she wrote columns for a local newspaper as part of he extra curricular and co-op activities.

Her passion for writing turned to paid work shortly after high school, when she had the opportunity to write some feature print articles as a freelancer. Throughout university, she also wrote for her school paper.

Kristen has held several marketing and communications positions over the years and has had many opportunities to network with and learn from business professionals across a wide range of industries,

In 2009, Kristen turned her attention to web content, as a few businesses hired her to manage their social media accounts, write website content and blogs.  By 2014, Kristen’s services were in high demand, and she began contracting assistant writers to help with the workload. High standards of quality are always maintained, as Kristen personally reviews and edits each and every job before submitted to the client.

Kristen specializes in writing content for businesses. Using her experience as a marketing writer, Kristen creates engaging content for clients in a variety of industries including retail, construction, insurance, and real estate.

Services include

~ web content

~ social media management

~ blogs

~ newsletters

~ and more!


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