Do Businesses Still Need to Blog?

As a business owner, you’ve got so many choices in how you connect with your audience. Social media alone can feel overwhelming! Do you stay with the “classics” like Facebook and Twitter or should you be using Instagram and Snapchat? In the midst of all this, you may be wondering if old school blogging is still relevant anymore.

For many businesses, it is. And here’s why:

  1. Blogs allow your customers to do deeper research on your product, service or brand.

While social media may be the number one way that customers interact with your brand on a day to day basis, they will still turn to your blog to do deeper research. This is especially true if they are considering major purchases such as a home renovation or vehicle purchase.

This is because a blog is still the best way for you to present in depth information. And if you are able to get some influencers to partner with you, it will add even more credibility to your content.

2.  Blogs and social media feed off each other

Don’t think of your blog as being in competition with your social media efforts. Use them to fuel and feed off each other. If there is a lively discussion on one of your social media channels, use it as fodder to create a blog. Likewise, you can break down content from your blogs into social media sized chunks for your various platforms.

3. Blogs give your brand authority

Using your blog to establish credibility is a smart marketing strategy. If your company operates mainly in the B2B space, consider posting informative articles to set your company website up as the place professionals in your field go to get the latest how-tos and industry updates. If your company is mainly B2C, write blogs that discuss consumer trends or other issues of interest related to your products or services.

4. Blogs provide value

If customers are only visiting your website when they are researching a purchase decision, then you are missing out. By providing “free” information in the form of a blog, you can keep visitors returning to your website again and again. Then when they are ready to make a purchase decision, they will subconsciously be more inclined to visit your website because of the value that you have already provided to them through your blog.

5. Blogging is good for SEO

While it’s important to write for people first, and search engines second there is no denying that blogging is good for SEO. When you regularly post fresh content to your website, Google and Bing bots take notice and give your site a higher ranking. Furthermore, fresh content gives you more opportunity to drive traffic as you can post links to your latest blog in your social media or your company newsletter. Driving traffic also helps improve your SEO so that means multiple wins for you.

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