The Easiest Way to Write a Blog Title

First impressions are everything and your business blog title is that first impression. A blog title must be eye-catching and make the reader think, “I have to see what this article is all about”. A successful blog title will get readers to your website or blog, thereby increasing the potential to gain a return viewer and the high likelihood for your content to be shared through social media and other networks. As you can see, a strong blog title is absolutely essential to your success.

Titles sell the content. Titles are responsible for the search engine ranking and increasing traffic to your business blog. All the great content within the article will not get read unless you have a solid title. Some writers start with the title and others generate a killer title after the content has been written; it is entirely your preference but one of the easiest ways to get started is to create a “working” title.

The Working Title is NOT a Topic

A blog topic is very general and can yield numerous results in a potential viewer’s search. Examples of a topic are “CRM systems”, “recognition programs”, or “new hire packet”. Topics can go in many different directions. The working title creates the direction of the topic and is a very specific statement. For example; “The Best CRM System for a Top-Performing Sales Team”, “How Recognition Programs Boost Employee Productivity”, or “Organize Your New Hire Packet for Easy On-Boarding”. No working title is perfect and can require revision after the content has been written.

Set Clear Expectations for the Reader

Do not deceive your readers and always be completely accurate in your title. If your content is about recognition programs increasing employee productivity, then make sure your title matches the specific topic. If readers go to your blog expecting to see a results-oriented blog post about boosting employee productivity through recognition programs, but you spend all your time talking about the different types of employee programs, you will lose followers and potential customers. Be respectful and build trust.

Keep SEO in Mind

Make every effort to include hard-hitting keywords in the blog title. Use your SEO keyword research in the title as well as in the content of your blog. However, never compromise the clarity of the blog’s title for SEO best practices. If it makes sense to include the keywords or phrase into the title, go ahead; but if the title sounds weird or confusing, leave out the keywords.

Short and Sweet

A business blog title should be short and direct. The best blog titles that rank high in search engines are under 65 characters (no more than approximately 12 words) in length. If you post your blog content to social media, specifically Twitter (and you should be for a hefty increase in blog traffic), shoot for a title and tag of no more than 117 characters in length. You do not have to be exact with every single blog post, but remember this guideline.

Tips for Titles

Provide your business blog titles with a pop that will grab the attention of readers.

  • Alliteration is using the same beginning letter repeatedly. “Tips for Titles”, “Write With Wonder”.
  • Use strong language such as “Things Employees Hate”, “Qualities of Awesome Bosses”.
  • A helpful tone goes a long way. “10 Free Tools for…”, “Simple Ways to…”.
  • Bounce ideas off a colleague and brainstorm if revisions are needed and have fun developing your business blog title.

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