Make Those Five Seconds Count: Create Easy to Read Web Content

As a business owner with a website, you have to make your web content readable and easy for a reader (and potential customer or follower) to scan. The average reader takes approximately five to 15 seconds to scan over a piece of web content and then decide to stay and continue reading or move on to another website. Make the most of those few moments and keep readers on your website, reading your exceptional web content. Here are 8 super easy ways to make your web content readable and easy to scan:

  1. Start with a strong title and deliver through your content. Create a catchy title and provide content that gets right to the point and supports the title throughout the article. Time is very important to readers, so keep your writing focused.
  2. Headings and subheadings. This creates flow and makes the article easy to follow and allows the reader to see how you are delivering on your promise (meaning your title).
  3. Use lots of space in your web content. Keep your paragraphs short (three to four sentences) and use line breaks to increase more white space. This format is easy on the eyes and helps readers stay on your website.
  4. Bullet points and lists. An eye-catching format of web content is using bullet points and lists. Bullet points can display a significant amount of information, just in a condensed and easy to read format. Lists are a great way to engage readers and keep readers on your website. Also, lists bring immediate attention to supporting your title.
  5. Images. Use images with your web content, where appropriate. People are visual and images always grab the readers’ attention. Make sure the image is relatable and relevant to the content.
  6. Pair images with captions. Surprising, one of the most read words on your web content is the caption associated with an image. Write a two to three sentence caption with each image you use and this should intrigue the reader to stay with the article and continue reading.
  7. Good content uses links. This includes internal links (where you place a link in one piece of web content that sends you to another article, blog post, or page of your website) and external links (where you place a link in your web content that sends you to a relevant outside website). Links provide a strong value proposition to readers and increase your validity and trust. Warning: Do not use too many links throughout the content. You do not want to lose your readers. Well-placed links that add value are best.
  8. Review your web content. Always preview your web content or have a trusted colleague review the draft of your web content. Take only 15 seconds and scan the content. Make sure the overall theme is there in your scan. If you do not see a seamless thought and well formatted content, revise as needed.

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