On the Side – If Only We had a Wheelbarrow

Kristen Duever Writing Services

If you want to start your own side business (or even full time business, for that matter), you have got to find your wheelbarrow.

Whenever I have started out on a new venture, there is a scene from The Princess Bride that comes to mind. It is the scene in which Westley Fezzek and Inigo are hiding behind a wall trying to figure out how to storm the castle and save Princess Buttercup.

Westley has spent the better part of the day being “mostly dead” and he is therefore unable to move most of his body – and when he asks what the small team’s assets are he is told that their assets are his brain, Fezzek’s strength and Inigo’s steel. Clearly unimpressed at their odds, Westley mutters “If we only had a wheelbarrow, that would be something.”

As it turns out, the trio did have a wheelbarrow, to which Westley…

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