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Why Companies Outsource Content Writing

When explaining my business to someone recently, I was asked how do I convince companies to outsource their content writing. After pondering this for about half a second, I realized that outsourcing content was not something I had to convince companies to do. They are already doing it. The only thing I ever have to do is show them a writing sample and quote my rates. If they like my writing and accept my rates, it’s simply a matter of determining whether we are a good fit for each other.

Still, I was curious about the question. Why do companies outsource their content writing? I had my own theories of course, but like most good freelance web writers, I decided to consult with Professor Google. Naturally, I found lots of theories, but one very interesting fact that I discovered was that 74% of tech companies outsource their writing.  And not surprisingly, a large percentage of my own freelance work comes from tech companies.

But suppose, your business is not a tech company. Are there reasons for you to outsource your writing as well? Here are a few reasons that you might like to consider it:

1. Every business should be blogging! As I wrote in an earlier post, creating regular useful and engaging content is not only good for your SEO, but it will give potential customers reasons to come back to your site. In their minds, you become the authority. Then, when the user is ready to buy your goods or services, there is a much better chance that they will give their business to you and not to your competition.

2. Writing takes time and effort. Even if you or someone else in your company is a very good writer, adding regularly to a company blog is one more thing on your already full plate. Outsourcing to an experienced writer saves you time.

3. You run out of blog ideas. An experienced content writer can take even the most boring business, and find ways to come up with engaging content.

4. You aren’t getting results. Even if you have the time and the talent to write amazing articles every week for your website, if you aren’t getting your desired results, it may be time to change tactics. An experienced content writer, knows a thing or two about keywords, article length and creating the right call to action.

5. Your competitors are already outsourcing. It is estimated that anywhere between 64-72% of all companies outsource their writing.