The gift of music in Empty Bowls

There are some fundraisers which not only help to raise money for a great cause, but they’re so immensely enjoyable and community minded, they can’t help but be a success. The Empty Bowls fundraiser in London Ontario, hosted by the London Potters’ Guild is one of those events.

Until recently, I was unaware of this sold out event (now in its third year), but when a co-worker suggested that a group of us attend I found the concept so appealing that I jumped at the chance.

For the ticket price of $25, you attend either a brunch, lunch or dinner. Upon arrival you get to select from a variety of one-of-a-kind pottery bowls made by local artists. Bowl in hand, you then have your choice of a dozen different soups each made by a local restaurant – some of the choices that I recall are seafood chowder, black bean and red pepper, beef and potato, maple parsnip and bacon, and jalapeno cheddar. There is also bread, tea, and coffee etc.

You enjoy a wonderful light meal, come away with a gorgeous pottery bowl and at the same time help a great cause as the proceeds are donated to a different local charity each year.

This year the event was in support of El Sistema Aeolian – a charity connected with the Aeolian Hall. Inspired by the award-winning program that started in Venezuela, El Sistema Aleolian provides instrument loans and music lessons to children who would otherwise not be able to afford them – a pretty great concept in my opinion.

And what I loved about this event was the it was the combination of so many great concepts and wonderful community partners – the local artists who put in time and materials to create the pottery bowls, the many local restaurants who donated the most delicious soups, the volunteers who ran the event, and the amazing charity that it supported this year!

While this was my first experience with the Empty Bowls fundraiser, I certainly hope it won’t be my last. This is definitely the type of event that I could see becoming a yearly tradition for me.


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