Five Reasons Your Business Should Be Blogging

A common question of entrepreneurs is whether or not they really need a blog for their business. These days it’s almost impossible to have a discussion about marketing your business without hearing the phrase – content marketing. And there is good reason for this.

As the internet becomes a more and more social place, through platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. businesses are realizing that they are now part of a two-way dialogue with their customers and prospects.

Still, you may wonder whether blogging is really relevant to your business. After all, shouldn’t you be focusing more on selling your product or service than writing a blog every week? I mean, what does banging out 500 or more words of content actually add to your bottom line?

Glad you asked!

There are some good reasons why businesses should have blogs:

1. They help with your SEO – Search Engine Optimization – that’s another phrase you can’t escape these days. Regularly adding relevant content to your website, earns you major points with search engines such as Google. As a result, your search engine ranking improves – meaning that more people will able to find your site. Of course, you need to make sure that you write in an SEO friendly manner, but that’s a post for another day. But more people to your site potentially means more business and more sales.

2. It helps you to position yourself as an expert. When people want to know something about the service or product that your business provides, many will search for the answer on the internet. They may not be looking to buy anything then and there, but if you’re site regularly provides them with great information – when they are ready to buy – they will think of you. Surveys conducted by HubSpot and others have found that businesses who blog on average, do more business than those who don’t.

3. Blogging is sharable.  When you create really interesting content, it is only natural that people want to share it on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms. Try placing a share or tweet button on your blog to make this as simple as possible for your audience. And more sharing means… more traffic!

4. It’s a cost effective marketing tool. Whether you do your own blogging or pay someone else to do it, this is a cost effective tool when compared to other forms of marketing. And when others share your blog through their social channels, it’s like expanding your reach for free.

5. You’ll get to know your audience. When you advertise through traditional channels such as print or radio, it can be hard to know who is hearing your message and what they are getting from it. Blogging however comes with analytics tools that you can use to find out how many views, click-throughs and conversions you are getting. Allow for likes and comments, and it can help you start a dialogue. It can give you insight into what the popular topics are and what resonates with your audience and help you plan future content.

Does your business have a blog? Share your thoughts in the comment section below! 

6 thoughts on “Five Reasons Your Business Should Be Blogging

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