3 Habits for Overcoming Motivation Block

As a content writer, I seldom get writer’s block. I have a number of clients who, in most cases give me the topics that they want blogs or other web content for. What I do struggle with from time to time is motivation block. And that usually happens with topics that I don’t find overly interesting.

For example, this past weekend was spent writing 6000 words about dent repair. I know, right! I did get it done, but boy did it take me awhile to get started.

The following are a few habits that I’ve developed to help me overcome motivation block.

1. I don’t write when I’m tired or hungry

When I’m writing about a topic that I find completely fascinating, I can sit in front of my computer all day and barely notice that I haven’t eaten. Not so, when I’m struggling with the topic! If motivation is an issue, then fatigue and hunger are big distractors. So if I’m hungry, I’ll have something to eat. If I’m tired, I’ll take a nap. I’ll do what it takes to feel refreshed before trying to tackle the subject matter at hand.

2. I think about who will be reading the content

Imagining my audience is a great motivator for me. Who wants to read about dent repair? Someone who has recently had a dent to their vehicle. I think about how they got that dent, the frustration they felt and the information that they are now looking for. I use that to start writing their story – something to engage them. Doing this actually makes me more interested in the topic as well.

3. I set a goal and get to it

When all else fails, I determine an amount of time that I’m going to write for – or a certain word count that I wish to reach before taking a break. I don’t worry too much about keywords or even if I’m writing great content for that matter (I can always edit afterwards right?). And once I get going, do you know what? I start to feel more motivated – just because I’m making process.

Do you have any tips for overcoming motivation block? Please share in the comments!


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