Why (just about) everyone should have their own business

Starting a business is not for everyone… or is it? I’ve come to the conclusion that if it is not for everyone, then it is certainly for most people. I’m not talking about necessarily starting the next Apple or even running a small local Mom and Pop shop for that matter. But I do think that most people should be running their own show independent from their employer (even if they love their job and wouldn’t dream of leaving!)

I’ve gained a bit of a reputation recently in some circles for helping others get jobs (or, at least interviews). My day job brings me in contact with a lot of business owners, so when a position becomes available, there is a pretty decent chance that I will hear about it. But when someone tells me that they are looking for a job, I almost always ask them why they don’t go into business for themselves.

This was the case recently when a friend of mine (who has a job but isn’t getting a lot of hours), mentioned that he was looking for another part time job. When I mentioned that perhaps he run his own side business – he explained that the idea frightened him. But while he was envisioning buildings, overhead, employees, etc., I was envisioning something much simpler – like posting an ad on Kijiji or Craigslist. You know… advertising his skills and seeing what happens.

If you’ve got a skill or service to offer, then starting your own business doesn’t have to be complicated.  And it doesn’t have to be a replacement for a job with a steady income either – if you need the security of regular employment (and there is absolutely no shame in that!), it can simply be a side gig. And if your side mushrooms into something even more profitable than your day job? All the better!

Need more reasons to start your own business?

It helps to keep you sharp – Even the best jobs can get routine – having your own gig helps you stay creative and passionate about what you do. It can arguably even make you a better employee.

You’ll develop new skills – I started my business because of my writing ability – but in the process, I’ve developed stronger accounting and negotiation skills.

It offers security – No one should be completely reliant on their employer. I personally know more than a few people who have been totally blindsided by a layoff or business closure.

More money – I might not have purchased those designer sunglasses before when all I had was my regular salary – but now who knows? Maybe even save up for that paddleboarding excursion in Costa Rica! (And I’m also socking more away for retirement as recommended by my financial advisor)

It’s fun! – And really, do you need another reason?

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