Seven Writing Resolutions for a Mind-Blowing 2015

Happy New Year everyone – I can still say that right? I think until at least the end of January, it is ok to say Happy New Year. (My husband says it until practically March, but I think that’s going a bit too far don’t you?)

As far as my writing career goes, 2014 was pretty epic. I gained some great new clients and I really developed a process for incorporating writing into my everyday life. And if 2014 was epic, I’m looking to make 2015 absolutely mind blowing (in a good way, of course.)

So here are my 2015 writing resolutions:

1. Write at least 2000 words 5 days a week

2. To consistently make social media posts – 1x per day on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus, and at lease 1x per week on LinkedIn

3. To meet at least one potential client each week.

4. To finally have some business cards made up,

5. To post on my own blog (here) at least bi-weekly.

6. To read daily (even if it’s just a little)

7. And to become more proficient with my WordPress site


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