My highlights for 2014

Taking some time and writing out the highlights of my year has become a tradition for me. Typically, I just post these on Facebook – but this year, I thought I would share them with my blog followers as well.

We were so blessed in 2014! Here is my list of 10 highlights in no particular order (except that I couldn’t narrow it down to only 10 – so this year there’s 11!)

~ My writing business has flourished – I gained two amazing new regular clients and a few occasional/one-time ones as well.
~ I got my second second-degree black belt (no, that is not a stutter!)
~ Werner and I enjoyed a wonderful relaxing vacation in Washington DC and Tennessee – visiting Werner’s brother Mike and sister-in-law Victoria.
~ Werner and I got out picture taken with the Stanley Cup in downtown London during the Memorial Cup. We had no idea that it was going to be there – we just decided to take a walk downtown to see what was going on and there it was!
~ We went stand-up-paddleboarding (which I had been obsessed with since I read an article about it in my optometrist’s office in 2013)
~ My Mom visited London during the summer – we had fun playing tour guide – taking her around Port Stanley, and for lunch at the Green Frog Tea Room. (And my Mom learned the word “selfie”!)
~ Werner and I saw Damned Yankees at Huron Country Playhouse (with Werner’s parents) and Through the Looking Glass at Stratford (just us).
~ Enjoyed a lovely beer and wine tasting tour in Niagara with friends Rob and Emilie.
~ Won a six-month Wine Club membership from Konzelmann’s
~ Went to Markham for Werner’s Aunt’s 80th birthday party and visited friends Fraser and JoAnn.
~ Met Chris Hadfield at a book signing – got my books signed. Really enjoyed reading his first book!


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