Setting Goals… and Limits

It’s no secret that running what has now become a full time business as well as working at a full time job can fill your days. Over the last six months or so the writing business has grown to the point where I could quite possibly be sitting in front of my laptop banging out content 24/7 – if that’s what I wanted to do.

To be honest, sometimes that’s tempting. I love what I’m doing.

But never ending work – even work that you love – is far from a healthy way to live. So, I must have a way to manage my work – especially if I like to enjoy a social life as well!

I’ve always been good at setting goals for myself – but I’ve been less good at setting limits. And I think that setting limits is important too. That’s not something you hear a lot in business circles. You are more likely to hear cliché’s like “the sky’s the limit” or “don’t limit yourself.”

And in the context of human potential, I agree somewhat with these sentiments.

But in terms of what you can actually accomplish in a day – you have to set reasonable boundaries – because cardiac wards are full of people who didn’t believe in setting limits.

So recently, as a freelance writer – I’ve set a daily word count goal/limit for myself. There have been days where I have failed to reach that goal – but there have been other days where I just seem to get into a groove and I exceed the limit.

But overall – having a set number of words to reach for has been tremendously helpful – both in the operation of my business and allowing me to have a social life as well.

And the word count is not going to stay stagnant either. I’m working on ways to increase it and grow my business  – because I definitely think that there is growth potential.

The point is, that if you have your own freelance business – you know that goals are important – but set some limits too. Because there is more to life than work!


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