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On the Side – Learning About “Everything” Through Freelancing

As a freelance writer – especially one that does web content for business, you have to be good a researching quickly. And you have to be good at researching pretty much everything. For several years I have worked for clients in which the generally theme or topic of each blog or article stayed pretty much the same.

I wrote articles about wine for an entertainment magazine – the focus of each article was different of course, but the article were – for the most part – always about wine.

I currently have a client for whom I write articles about gardening – and another client for whom I write articles about the weather.  And these are pretty constant.

But I have another client for whom I write articles about EVERYTHING. Ok, maybe that’s a stretch – not everything – but certainly some topics that have been new to me – forklifts, asbestos removal, dental implants and methadone clinics to name a few.

So as a freelancer, you need to become a Google Master. You need to become a student of the topic you are writing about – keeping in mind this is not a four year dissertation but a crash course because your client needs your content quickly.

Not every topic is exciting at first – sometimes you have to work at making it exciting. But it can be done.

Learning about new topics is also one of the most enjoyable and rewarding parts about content writing for business. There are some topics that I think I’m not going to like and they turn out to be far more interesting than I would have imagined.

Topics that I find less interesting, I take as personal challenges. “How can I present this topic in a way the would appeal.. to me?… and you? … and anyone else visiting a particular website?” One way to do this is to relate it to everyday experiences. Starting a sentence with “imagine if” can do wonders for a topic that seems dull at first. Using just the right amount of humour can also be extremely helpful in getting you into a writing groove.

And you know what – when you take the time – any topic can be rewarding both to learn and write about!