St. Ambroise Oatmeal Stout ~ The Beer that Made Me Like Beer

To say that I never used to be much of a beer person is a pretty gross understatement. Wine yes. Beer, not so much. I’d occasionally take a sip from my husband’s glass thinking that maybe this time, I’ll like it…. but nope. My rating system went from completely disgusting to only mildly revolting. “Mildly revolting” was pretty high praise for me.

If I did drink beer, I’d usually go for something flavoured or mix it into a shandy – that would be ok.

Why did I not like beer?

Previously, my exposure to beer had pretty much been limited to a few brands of lagers. And to be honest, I’m still not much of a lager fan. But like many people who claim they don’t like wine, I had really only tried a very small selection of beers. Occasionally when I would tell someone that I didn’t like beer, I would be met with the response – “you just haven’t found one that you like.”

Well.. um… obviously!

And then one day…

While attending a Food and Wine show in London, Ontario – I came across an exhibitor booth for St. Ambroise The young guy and gal at the booth encouraged me to try the oatmeal stout. I was skeptical for sure – after all wouldn’t a darker beer only be that same flavour that I didn’t like – but stronger?

But what I found was a slightly sweet, slightly chocolaty, slightly espresso-y treat! It’s not that it didn’t taste like beer, because it definitely did – it was just different somehow. In a good way!

This beer was – kind of yummy!

After that experience, the world of craft beer has been slowly opening up for me. I’ve discovered a few other beers that I enjoy – including some reds and even some ales. Since that time I’ve even toured a few micro-breweries in the region and discovered some other great brews.

But my favourite – my go to when I’d like to have a beer rather than sip on a glass of wine – it’s still St. Ambroise Oatmeal Stout.

About St. Ambroise beers

Brewed by McAuslan, a micro brewery in Quebec, Canada – these beers have won a number of awards both at home and internationally.


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