Stuff I Like – Great Customer Service

This week my computer got very sick indeed. I had what some have called the black screen of death and I could not access my windows or really do anything. As a freelance writer, this is not a mere frustration – this is the loss of a critical tool in my business.

Now you should know that I don’t have the most expensive computer in the world – it’s actually a pretty cheap one because it’s what I felt that I could afford at the time. I purchased it at the big blue and yellow place.  You should also know that my computer is less than one year old and the hardware is still under warranty. But alas, my problem was a software issue.

So despite having other plans, I put those off and jumped in the car with my poor, sick computer off to that big blue and yellow place – right to their computer service counter.

With barely a second glace blue and yellow guy says that it will cost me $190 to have my computer fixed. Ouch!

Feeling for me, my husband came to my rescue. He was calm but quite adamant that a retail giant like the big blue and yellow place should do better for their customers – especially when a computer is only one year old.

Now here is the part where I witnessed some serious customer service – BAD customer service. We talked to the manager and the manager’s manager and they both talked down to us and acted very arrogant – refusing even to empathize with us.

Now let’s give them the benefit of the doubt and say that because this is a big chain they have to take orders from head office and their hands are tied on their price – I suspect that this is the case .

It still does not excuse downright rude behaviour – and that is how I feel we were treated at the big blue and yellow place. As a customer, I would like to at least feel understood.

In the end, we left the big blue and yellow place with my sick computer.


My husband called Ken at Med IT who said we could bring over my poor, sick computer right away (I’m sure, well past his normal working hours). A day and half later, my computer is up and running and feeling much better! Not to mention the fact that Ken didn’t charge nearly as much as the blue and yellow place.

Now that is what I call great customer service! And do you want to guess who’s business I will be recommending in the future?

Not the blue and yellow place!



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